Monday, June 9, 2008

The First Contest!!!! Wh-HOO!

Ok, so anybody interested can sign up for this one. Tina Ferraro, author of 'How to Hook a Hottie' and '10 Uses for An Unworn Prom Dress', has let me host a contest for her. Please post a comment and tell me about your 'DREAM' prom, your preference of either of her books, and your name and email address. Thanks for participating. This contest ends on June 22nd. Thanks


Chelsie said...

My dream prom? Tough one. I suppose my dream prom would probably just be a prom where I go with someone I love (awww) and there's actually good music.

Anyways, I'd be interested in either of her books (if I win, I'll let you know which) and I advertised about your contest on my sidebar, which I'm not sure counts as extra entries or anything but I did it anyways... =D

Tasha said...

My dream prom would definitely not have ANY drama!! Yes, I know that is asking a lot and probably impossible, but hey it's my dream right!! Also I would definitely have to have the best date!

I would love How to Hook a Hottie as that is the only one of I haven't read.

Marjolein said...

cool! my dream prom: no mean popular people, The Perfect Prom Dress, The Perfect Boy, Perfect music.. and romance!need i say more?

paperxxflowers said...

hmm... my dream prom?

One that was nice and pretty and the people all got along and the music was actually decent for once.

And my boyfriend would be there :]

No preference, cool contest :]


Aimee said...

My dream prom would be one with my girlfriends, we usually have more fun without the guys, there would be less stress and less tall painful pointy shoes, maybe we'd even make it a sweat suit prom!

No preference as I'd love to read either book

aimeecirucci at hotmail dot com

Rylie said...

My dream prom would be completely laid-back, no drama, plus awesome music and all my friends.

I would love to win '10 Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress'.

bcanyon at hotmail dot com

Lenore said...

I think a great prom would be one like they always show in movies where everyone is a professional dancer, the music rocks, and there is a bunch of swag! Now that would be a prom worth going to.

Either book would be cool!

Kelly said...

My dream prom would be going with good friends, awesome music, a cool theme, and fun! It doesn't take much to make me happy. =P

I'm interested in either book. =)


The Book Muncher said...

my dream prom would be...dreamy :D duh!! anyway, it would be at a really nice place, like...i dont know, but not the school gym. and of course, i would have an AHMAZING dress and date :D and then my friends would be there too and we would have loads of fun!

i'd like 10 Top Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress (I have Hoe to Hook a Hottie!)

Rachael Stein

Anonymous said...

my dream prom would be cool. i dont think anything matters to me as long as i have fun and a great date :D

i'd like 10 Top Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress please :D


Liviania said...

I already had a dream prom. I had an incredible dress, matching shoes, great friends, a free limo ride, and I made a foreign exchange student really happy.

(Plus I got to take my picture with a cardboard cut out of James Dean. ^_^)

mechanical pencils said...

Dream prom... hmmm. I'd say it starts out with getting a dress that would make me feel comfortable and amazing (unlike the red monstrosity I couldn't believe I wore). A group of close friends, a car, music you can actually dance to and a total aura of laid-back-ness.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh, cool contest!
First: No preference..I really want to read both of these books.
Name: Lauren

Dream Prom: One where I had an awesome dress I actually LOVED and felt comfortable in, got to hang out with all my friends, was able to dance w/o feeling like a dork, and just enjoying myself!! :)


Melissa N said...

My dream prom: my boyfriend would be there, a dress no one else is wearing, comfy shoes, and waffle house afterwards :)

I would love 10 Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress.

Melissa N

Anonymous said...

my dream prom...
it would have the perfect guy for me, the perfect dress, perfect shoes, and all of my friends. oh yeah, and no drama!!

Grace L

Anonymous said...

I've already gone through prom and I really enjoyed it so I can't say what I would want for a dream prom, the only thing I would say is i'd like there to be tons of people (I didn't have a big school) and a nice location (school gym, bummer huh).

I'd be interested in either one but if I have to pick one i'd say
'10 Uses for An Unworn Prom Dress' but i'd love either one.
Awesome contest, thanks!


Hillary said...

In my dream prom, I'd have a really pretty emerald green dress. And pretty hair and all that. And then the next day, I'd go to a soccer game. And Voldemort (my stalker, codename) would not be there and I'd be there will a really hot guy who can drive and works at borders...and plays soccer and buys em Swedish Fish. That'd be awesome.

Both of those books look great. I've been wanting to read them both!

Words Speak Volumes said...

i love swedish fish too, haha

Breanna said...

My dream prom would be held in a huge beautiful place with lots of room to dance, and there would be music played that everyone would enjoy.

So basically the exact opposite of my actual prom, lol.

I'd love to win Top 10 Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress.

Congrats on the first contest!


Bunny B said...

My dream prom would definitely be where I had the most beautiful dress, with the best makeup and hairstyle and win the Prom Queen title because everyone loves me LOL Oh, and of course my bf would be the best date ever and he would be Prom King. My best friends would also be there and Kylie would be singing her songs during my prom :P

What a dream, eh? :P

I would love to win either book. Thanks!

bunnybox9 at gmail . com

samikay180 said...

the dream prom would let me spend the entire day b4 hanging out w/my girlfriends and then go there all perfect.

how to hook a hottie

Tempestt said...

My dream prom would have to be fun, laid back and must have good music.

I am interested in both books! Great Contest!

temppatt at gmail dot com

Theopinionedreader said...

hmmm dream prom would be one where I could go with Willam Becket from The Academy Is. I would like either if i win i will chose then.

Linda J said...

mmmm, dream prom. Maybe with Patrick Dempsey. I'm tellin' ya girls, that man is hot! I bet he was a cutie in high school.

I would be interested in either of her books too.

And I enjoy your blog. I found it through my niece, Lenore, whose blog is Presenting Lenore.

Min said...


My DREAM prom includes the perfect date, a night to be remembered, and a sweet kissy ending. Something disney like Beauty and the Beast. hey, even older kids at 16 can dream. :)


TinaFerraro said...

Wonderful comments and ideas about dream proms...good luck to you all!

Elizabeth said...

A dream prom would NOT be in a gym, probably in a ballroom with a meal and great music that kept us dancing all night. But no one would get hot and sweaty. Everyone would get along and there would be no drama!
Either book would be great to add to my collection.

Cyndi said...

My dream prom is definitely one where I have the perfect one of a kind dress and my date is someone I've liked for a really long time or someone I just like a lot. My friends would all have to be there with their dates and of course good music would help. :D

I'd be interested in either of her books really, if I won I'd just say surprise me. :D


Dominique said...

dream prom?
a perfect night w/ the perfect dress, all my friends, good weather, a good setting (I think our school had a fairy-tale/castle theme recently for prom; I think that'd be really cute, even if it's a bit cliche!), and like mentioned by other people, no drama! lol

Oh, and both books sound really good so, no preference :)

Rachel said...

My dream Prom would probably to go with someone that loves me =] I would want to go with my best friend and her date in a limo =] hehe.

I would prefer Uses for An Unworn Prom Dress, but I honestly dont mind =]

mail address -->

KissToBetray said...

My dream prom...I guess just to go and have fun with friends, or be there with someone that I love.

I'd be more interested in How To Hook A Hottie, because that's the one that I haven't read yet.