Wednesday, June 4, 2008

5. TTYL by Lauren Myracle

TTYL has always been one of my absolute favorite summer books. I promised myself that I would reread it before I posted it as a blog. So I did. I reread it today. I read it today, because today was the third to last day of school. Tomorrow we are going to a waterpark as our end of the year field trip and on Friday we will spend the day sitting around, signing yearbooks, and planning our summer as we flit from class to class.
TTYL takes place in the sophomore year of Angela (SnowAngel), Zoe (zoegirl), and Maddie (mad maddie)'s. The entire book is written in IM, which makes it that much more fun and easy to read. Seriously, if you get into it, you'd find yourself falling in love with the characters and realizing that there's some of them in all of us. Zoe, the shy brainiac, keeps the other two from killing each other and is so sweet nobody would expect that she has an 'affair' with a teacher. Angela is, well, boy-crazy, but we all can be a little bit, right? She falls for Rob, her Spanish partner. For a few weeks, Rob and Angela are perfect together. They go to parties together, have special dates, and even Zoe and Maddie are getting annoyed by all the talk that has been focused on Rob during their conversations. Then evil Tonnie begins to butt in and Angela can't accept that Rob is giving her a lot of attention. She thinks it's all Tonnie's fault, even when.... wait, I can't tell you about that. Can I? Anywayz, on to Maddie, Maddie has tried so hard to keep the 'winsome threesome' together until all of a sudden her arch-enemy, Jana, becomes her best 'friend'. She's skipping things with Zoe and Angela to hang out with her and she doesn't realize it.
Then one night, Maddie completely ditches Zoe and Angel, and she goes to a party with Jana. She looses it and does some regretable things. With a 10th grade year of seductive teachers, bad boys, and drama-loving queen bees, who wouldn't be in trouble? The real question is, will the 'winsome threesome' make it back together?

RATING: 4 stars