Sunday, June 1, 2008

2. Invitation Only by Kate Brian

Okay, I'm totally getting the hang of this reviewing stuff. Today I rode in a car for about five hours. Four of those hours I was reading, enticed in this book, which I have to say is even better than the first. Reed (main character, again) is living at Billings. Billings Hall, the one place she most definitely wanted to go. She is an official Billings Girl. Or so she thinks. Soon enough, you find out that life on the other side of the tracks isn't as grand as you thought it would be. There's still struggles, hardships, and the occasional (if you count everyday) chore. She knows that this is still better than before.
So, Reed is enjoying the pleasures and hardships of Billings as she thinks about the boy that left her (and everyone else). She is confused because she doesn't know how she feels about him and she feels guilty because she is 'involved' with another boy. This boy is the kindest, most gentleman-like boy you would ever meet in high school and he happens to be in love with Reed. Reed doesn't feel the same about him, but her old roommate does. Reed attempts to get them together but it only backfires when she begins to use him to get something (or somewhere) she wants.

Blackmail from an unsuspecting source surprises you until you have no idea how its going to turn out. Reed is stuck between two very different, yet extremely similar, decisions and she just follows her heart looking out for herself and then for her friends. The ending is nothing you will ever predict. The last page leaves you wanting more. Excellent read.

RATING: 4.5 stars