Monday, June 2, 2008

3. Untouchable by Kate Brian

Whoa, if I keep going at this speed, I'm gonna have over a hundred books done by the end of this summer. Untouchable has to be the most suspenseful Private book so far. The book begins with Reed and the Billings girls and half of Easton Academy at Thomas' parents' house. He's dead. His parents seem unaffected except for the fact they have to miss their flight to Paris because of 'this'. This inconvience, aka their son's DEATH. The Billings Girls bail out early with Josh, Thomas's once-roommate. Nobody knows for sure how this handsome, popular, easygoing boy died. That doesn't stop the girls from doing a little digging. They figure out the name of his drug supplier and tell the police.
Meanwhile, it's Thanksgiving time at Easton. Which evidently means Break. They have an end of the term bash, which almost ends with Noelle bashing Taylor's face in. Nobody knows the reason for that. Reed knows that there's a secret somewhere that they aren't telling her. The students file out of school, all except for Reed, Josh, and Taylor. She left early that week in the middle of the night, which nobody wants to take about. Reed is confused and doesn't know why this girl was so distrought or why she left in Karin's mother's car. Reed and Josh are left at the school alone and things happen so fast that they are both confused and pleased by the time school starts back up again.
People return to school, all except for Taylor. Reed is told that Taylor is away and not returning. This stimulates more questions than answers and with Thomas's killer still out on the loose, the drug supplier had an 'alibi', people are way more uptight than usual. Reed finds out something about someone that she thought she knew and she knows that she has to do something about it. The ending is so surprising and mysterious (leaving you with more questions than answers!), You can't wait for the next book. CONFESSIONS! Lucky I have it sitting right beside me. As soon as I post this blog I am going to begin that book. Toodles!
RATING: 5 stars

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