Tuesday, June 3, 2008

4. Confessions by Kate Brian

OHMIGOSH! These books just keep getting better and better. So Confessions starts out with the whole student population of Easton 'locked in'. They aren't allowed to leave the school grounds until the murder has been totally figured out. People become angry and rebel. Nobody wants to be held up in this place. Reed sneaks out one night and goes to the police station. She isn't allowed to talk to Josh, who's unfairly accussed of Thomas's death, and that makes her angry. Reed attempts to talk to Taylor, but she won't respond in an e-mail. Reed thinks that she is avoiding her for a reason and she thinks that Kiran, Noelle, and Arianna know that reason. Reed knows for sure that Josh is innocent. Her friends don't really believe her though. She tries to contact Blake Pearson, Thomas's absent brother, who doesn't show or contact in any form. Blake (and the school secretary) are the only people who have an alibi for Josh. (But that's a whole different part of the story)
They saw him the night Thomas was murdered. Neither of them will confess to it though. The secretary finally goes to the police and Josh is released. Noelle, Arianna, and Kiran are all sort of glad to have Josh back, but now they are pinpointing the murder on Blake. Next something happens that you would expect. The Billings Girls decide to leave the house and get drunk, a bit wasted, and over-all humiliate themselves at a friends house. After that, something you would NEVER expect comes. I'm not gonna write about it. You're just going to have to read it.
RATING: 5 stars


Melissa Walker said...

The fact that you read these books so fast makes me TOTALLY need to read them... nice review!

Teen Troves said...

Great review. We've added you to our blogroll!


Caroline said...

Good review!
I really like those books. Well, up until that one, anyway- I read the one after that, and it just isn't the SAME anymore... :(
But of course, as always, the ending was a total cliff-hanger, so I'm still reading the rest.
I love your title, too- because I have like, a complex, where I can't write in pencil. I can't. If I'm sitting at the computer and I need to write two words down, I would actually spend fifteen minutes looking for a pen than use the pencil that my mom has sitting by the moniter. I'm taking exams right now, which is torture, because of the mandatory pencil usage. :D

Glad to have you on our link list!