Monday, June 9, 2008

Author Review: Rachel Paige Myers

ok, so this is my very first author review. Check her out at She's so good!!

Name: Rachel Paige Myers
Age: Fifteen
Best-Known book: Unfortunately Magnificent

1. Why did you want to start writing?
I love to create stories. It was something to do.

2. Fave Author
I have a lot of favorite authors! Stephenie Meyer, Cassandra Clare, Sarah Dessen, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. It's a never ending list!

3. Fave Place to Write Outside
under the sun on a blanket, with my headphones on.

4. Fave Food
Chicken tacos, and anything with ranch dressing.

5. Fave Book Blog
Words Speak Volumes of course!

6. Fave Article of Clothing
My navy blue sweater, although it's too hot to wear it now.

7. Describe Your Room.
A cluttered mess. There are clothes on my floor. Books piled high on every surface.

8. Did you imitate the characters in your book from people in your life? Actually no.
All these characters came from my head.

9. What Book are you reading now?
I just finished reading "Harmless" by Dana Reinhart. It was really good. Now I am reading "Inexcusable" by Chris Lynch.

10. Do you like to write on the computer or in paper?
Both. The computer is more convienent, but I like writing by hand better sometimes.

11. Are you ever nervous that you won't get published? Yes, I'm very nervous. I would be very disapointed if I didn't get published but I could accept it. I love writing and there are always other stories out there to be told. If not this one, maybe the next one.


Coke or Pepsi----Coke
Snickers or Kit-Kat----Kit-Kat
L.A. or N.Y.C----I've never been to either, but if I had a choice, I'd go to new york city.
Roses or Daisies----Daises
Writing or Reading----Hmm. depends on my mood. Now in this moment, i would say writing.
Dogs or Cats----Dogs, I dislike cats very much. I have a Chiuahiua.
CoverGirl or Maybelline----Cover girl.
Texting or Calling----Texting, gives you time to think about what your going to say.
Butterflies or Fireflies----Fireflies
Cooking or Take-out----It depends on what's in the cabinets.
Flip-flops or Tennies----Flip-Flops

Last One: What is the number 1 item to have with you at all times during the summer?
What else but a book?


Rachel Paige Myers said...

Thanks so much for interviewing me and all your kind words. It is greatly appreciated. It was fun!

Words Speak Volumes said...

your welcome. it was fun for me 2