Sunday, June 15, 2008

7. L8R G8R by Lauren Myracle

Okay, so this book begins with Doug coming back from a big semester-long world trip. Zoe goes with Maddie to meet him at the airport and they welcome him. They all believe that this senior year is going to be the best ever. However, they get into it with Jana, the evil queen bee, again. She is not going after Maddie this time. It's Zoe. Maddie and Angela are supposed to defend her. Zoe doesn't even really pay attention because she's spending all of her time with Doug. They are so codependent on each other that they're the only people the care about. Pranks between {Angela and Maddie} and Jana hit an all time high.
Then the senior prom comes and nobody will ever forget that. Angela and Maddie get kinda mad at Zoe because she won't stick up for them against Jana and Doug gets mad at her because she won't stick up for herself. She may have some issues to sort out there. Do you think she can do it? You'll just have to read and find out!
Sorry this review is so short. I'm just kinda out of it today. The next one will be longer. I PROMISE!

RATING: 3.5 stars


Freaky Kiki said...

Hey, what age+ would you say this is for?

Anonymous said...

I am the father of an 11 year old girl. i picked the book up and randomly opened to a page to see what my daughter was reading about. I was shocked to see girls talking about blow jobs and if she 'spit' or 'swallowed'! By NO means am I a blind and naive father. However, I was later told by my daughter that this is a book that she gets reading points for at school. In order to get the points she has to take a test. I would have to assume an adult as put this test together, any adult that thinks that it is okay for a sixth grade girl to read about what one choses to do with semen in one's mouth, has problems! If my daughter was the age of the girls in this book reading the book, I am 'wise' enough to know what happens amongst our young adults and was one not too long ago myself. Under no circumstances would I suggest this book to anyone under the age of 16. By the way, this was not the only page, I had my wife randomly open to any page and begin reading. We found several other pages talking about 'fuck buddies', drug use, under age drinking, and of the least profanity. I have an appointment with the principal in the morning and depending upon the results of that will be going to the school board to inform them of obvious problems they have with the reading program set up in the school.