Thursday, June 5, 2008

6. TTFN by Lauren Myracle

Time for another book review. TTFN is the second in the IM-filled book series by Lauren Myracle. TTFN takes place in their junior year. The book begins with the girls satisfied with their lives and over everything that happened in the first book. Angela gets some bad news: her family is moving. Moving all the way across America to California, where she will indefinitely be separated from Zoe and Maddie. Maddie meets a new guy, Chive. Chive is perfect for Maddie until she finds out that he's into some pretty heavy stuff. Maddie is in love with him even though she won't admit it. Whitney, his girlfriend, isn't right for him, she says. She's too giggly and she never understands his jokes or blogs.
Zoe gets a new job and guess who else works there? Doug. You remember Doug. Doug, Angela's Doug. Of course, he's not really Angela's Doug, since they were never together; he only pined for her. She never accepted him and just turned him down over and over. He got over it. Now he likes Zoe. Zoe likes him back. Angela doesn't know this. So she called Doug, one night, drunk and sad. She told him that now she was ready. She wanted him and would kiss him if he were there. She was feeling lonesome and watching 'A Cinderella Story' isn't fun by yourself. Doug was confused. Hadn't Zoe told her about him? He told her that they were together and Angela was furious.
She decides not to talk to Zoe and becomes even more lonely in California. Towards the end, Glendy [:(] pushes Angela to the edge and she pulls a stunt that she normally wouldn't have. Zoe and Doug do something that isn't exactly Parental Approved, and Maddie gets caught. Caught doing what, you ask? You'll just have to read it.

RATING: 4 stars

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alyssa said...

i have read this book and i love it! it teaches us teens what trouble not to get into! i think that all teens even some guys should read this book because it can teach many things that ur parents might not want to discuss with u!! READ THIS BOOK!!