Tuesday, July 29, 2008

14. The Guy Next Door by Carol Culver

This book is the classic. Boy and girl used to be friends. Girl falls in love. She thinks that the boy doesn't really know she exists and then she plots to get him to fall in love with her. Except this ones a little different. In this book you can see the boy's point of view too. Ethan is the one guy that Maggie knew more than anyone. They grew up together.

She always wanted him, but she never had the courage to go for it. With her lack of cash and looks, she's not even acknowledged. But then she gets a makeover, with some help from her father and friends. The perfect chance to take the plunge comes when she and Ethan start hanging out on the choir trip to Hawaii. How romantic, huh? She just needs to figure out how she's gonna do this. Fair read.

RATING: 3.5 stars

13. Oh my gods by Tera Lynn Childs

Phoebe Castro has worked hard to be one of the best in cross-country running, and doing what she loves most will pay off in the form of a scholarship. Attending USC with her best friends Cesca and Nola is just a year away. Unfortunately for Phoebe, her mother has different plans.Returning from a family reunion in Greece, Phoebe’s mom has a surprise that will turn Phoebe’s world upside down. She’s fallen in love with Damian Petrolas, the headmaster of an exclusive academy on the Greek island of Serfopoula.

If that weren’t enough of a shock, Phoebe’s told that they’ll be moving there and the students are all descendants of Greek gods with inherited powers, leaving Phoebe as the only normal in attendance.Phoebe’s only hope for getting off of the island is to get her scholarship, but with a stepsister who’s out to make her miserable, life has definitely taken more than one turn for the worst.

Her new friends Nicole and Troy make life at the academy bearable, and her crush on the gorgeous Griffin Blake is a tempting distraction, but Phoebe knows that everything hinges on the decisions she’ll have to make. Her future is in her own hands.
RATING: 4.5 stars

12. The Elite by Jennifer Banash

Casey McCloy jumped at the chance to see the Big Apple when her mother announced that she was going overseas to do some research for her book. The next thing Casey knows, she is moving in with her grandmother into the luxurious Bramford apartments of Manhatten’s Upper East Side. But can a girl from an all but unheard of town in Illinois fit into the big city and the prestigious Meadowlark Academy, where fashion divas and trendsetters like Madison Macallister rule the scene? I mean, when she first set foot in the Bram and bumped into Madison and her posse, she was instantly labeled a walking fashion violation—apparently Abercrombie isn’t high enough on the fashion food chain to warrant anything but distain from It Girl Madison! So does Casey stand a chance in Meadowlark and NYC?

Although Madison and her ladies seem imposing in their high fashion and expensive heels, Casey thinks she stands a chance to befriend the queen of style and sets out to do just that. Casey is taken out to do some shopping for a make over, but the sky high prices on all the designer brands that are a must for the stars of Meadowlark are completely out of Casey’s range! Luckily, with some unexpectedly generous assistance from Madison, Casey is now ready for her first day at the elite academy! But will a new outfit completely prepare Casey for what she’s about to face? And what is she to do with the hottie, Drew, also known as Madison’s on and off boyfriend, who keeps catching her eye?

Who can Casey trust? Can she really fit into this high-priced society? Can Casey keep up with Madison and her girls, or are they out of her league and only letting her in out of pity?

RATING: 4.5 stars

11. Frenemies by Alexa Young

Frenemies is the story between two girls who used to be best friends. Avalon Greene is the fashion master at her school. If she says that bright red, ripped tights and olive green cargo shorts were a fashion statement, everyone would run out and buy tights to rip and cargo shorts for the next day. Of course, she would never make fashion a joke. She takes her job of mogul very seriously, calling out each classmate's fashion disaster and religiously reading fashion magazines. Friendapalooza, the ultimate bff bash, was planned by Avalon to celebrate the best-friendship between her and Halley. Except now that Halley is back from camp, it's almost like she slipped off the Earth for a bit, because no one in the world would ever wear that. Halley Brandon is back. Back from art camp where she spent the summer developing a new style all her own. Avalon rejects the style and Halley comes to that she and Avalon no longer have much in common.
To settle this debate, Halley and Avalon split everything down the middle. In the document labeled, GREENE-BRANDON SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT everything was outlined, because Avalon's parents were lawyers. PARAGRAPH ONE: Property. Avalon had set a box of Halley's stuff on her back porch and she'd like her things (vintage Vogues, glitter pens, and articles of clothing) back asap. PARAGRAPH TWO: School Grounds. Halley was allowed the far-left desk in the front row and Avalon would take the opposite in each of the classes. Halley hung out in the garden and Avalon got the lobby and the quad to hang out in between classes. PARAGRAPH THREE: Extracurriculars. Halley would keep gymnastics and Avalon would find another sport. PARAGRAPH FOUR: Social Life. Friends would be divided and Avalon would be the sole host of Friendapalooza. Though she would change the name. PARAGRAPH FIVE: Pet custody. Their shared puggle, Pucci, would switch twice a week.
Of course, agreements like this never totally work out. The girls still fought and everyone noticed. The only thing people wondered was when where they getting back together, because they couldn't fight like this for long. You'll just have to read it.
RATING: 4 stars

10. Flawless by Sara Shepard

Flawless begins with the five of them in the past. Back before Ali disappeared actually. They are all messing around and then something happened. You really have to read it to figure that out because I can't just tell you. The story line is pretty much this. Spencer loves (and stole) her sister's boyfriend. Aria loves her teacher, who loves her back but won't say it. Emily falls in like with her friend, Maya, and someone finds out. Hanna uses ugly ways to make herself beautiful.
Then there's another secret. This one involves Ali and nobody can ever find out. Yet, someone knows. Who is it? You'll have to read. A is ready to take them all down and no one will see it coming.
RATING: 3.5 stars

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