Sunday, August 24, 2008

18. Poseur by Rachel Maude

Four high school girls who love fashion (but hate each other) are forced together to create a designer label for their exclusive LA private school. Can a cool coquette, a shy punk, a ghetto-glam egomaniac, and a hippie goddess make peace for couture? Welcome to Winston Prep-where wardrobe means war.

The Cool Coquette - Charlotte Beverwil, with her wintery cream skin, long dark hair, almond shaped green eyes, wore a feminine dress with leggings and ballet flats on the first day of school. She loves all things French: Perrier, bicycling, cigarettes, Chanel.

The Shy Punk - Janie Farrish wore an unbelievable green micro miniskirt, a vintage cardigan, and yellow flats on the first day of school. She had newly cleared skin, short brown hair and enormous grey eyes. She wanted to be a fashion designer when she graduated. The drawings throughout the book are all hers.

The GhettoGlam Egomaniac - Melissa Moon showed up at school wearing black Juicy pants, a pink D&G tee, and silver Jimmy Choo stilettos. She has exotic features with her sultry eyes, a dusky complexion, and Angelina pout. With her famous parents, she wants to break free and start her own company.

The Hippie Goddess - Petra Greene wore two different-colored ballet flats, a wine-red linen skirt, a mop-gray thermal tee, a shredded scarf, fake pearls, and a Burger King crown. All of this was picked out by her younger sisters. With her wide hazel-green eyes and honey-blonde hair, she could pass for a Victoria's Secret model's more attractive younger sister.

These insanely different girls are thrown together in a group. How will they ever make it out alive, much less enjoy the time together? Read it and you'll find out.

RATING: 4.5 stars