Sunday, August 3, 2008

15. Inside Girl by J. Minter

Flan Flood had always had her pick of fabulous clothes and equally fabulous parties. Her legendary N.Y.C. family starts with her beautiful worldly parents, who are never on the same continent as her, much less the same city. Her sister Feb (short for February) is also never around. She is 20 so she lives by herself and she often leaves town for days at a time. If her parents aren't in the city, she most likely isn't at the house. Her brother Patch who just graduated still lives at the house, most of the time. He lives at friends houses for days at a time and their parents don't really care.

Now that Flan is starting high school, she wants to reinvent herself. First, she's going to a new school. Not the school that her sister went to, but one where nobody cares who she is or, most importantly, who she's related to. Second, she's going to be normal. She's going to make some new friends and be a normal teenage girl. She'll crush on boys and hang out with normal people. Flan isn't as normal as she'd like though, because normal teenagers don't have famous friends.

Introducing Sara-Beth Benny. That little child star who grew up to be on every gossip magazine in the country. She's so famous that paparazzi are following her everywhere and her old apartment building kicked her out because of it. She's been friends with Flan for a really long time and now that she's in need, Flan lets her stay with her. Then two more friends come. She really doesn't know how to handle these old friends with her new ones. It's a good read.

RATING: 4.5 stars